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Product Description
Key Features
MonoLyser™ homogenizer for Life Science that can be used in field or laboratory: An innovative system for fastest sample preparation.

Ultrafast Sample Lysis: 5 seconds from sample to lysate for DNA * RNA * PROTEINS

- Omnidirectional motion with the highest g’s!
- Handheld system for lab and field use.
- Best quality and quantity of DNA, RNA, proteins, and metabolites even from the most difficult samples to process, such as:
   • seeds, soil, bones, teeth,
   • tissues, spores, yeasts, and
   • gram positive microbes.
- Uses standard 2 mL screw cap tubes for lysis.
- Compatible with any existing grinding matrices.
- Compatible with ANY downstream purification and analytical protocols.

You can use MonoLyser lab homogenizer for:
Soil samples homogenization, Waste Water samples homogenization, Sewage samples homogenization, Sludge samples homogenization, Fecal samples homogenization, Plant samples homogenization, Plant Tissue samples lysis, Leaf samples homogenization, Stem samples homogenization, Leaves samples homogenization, Flower samples homogenization, Fruit samples homogenization, Bacteria samples homogenization, Gram + samples homogenization, Gram - samples homogenization, Mycobacteria samples lysis, Bacterial Cell samples lysis, Archeabacteria samples lysis, Cyanobacteria samples lysis, Salmonella samples homogenization, Gram + Bacteria samples lysis, Gram - Bacteria samples lysis, Mrsa samples homogenization, Staph samples homogenization, S. Aureus samples homogenization, S, Cerevisae samples lysis, S. Pombe samples homogenization, S. Uvarum samples homogenization, Cardiac samples homogenization, E. Coli samples homogenization, Yeast samples homogenization, Tissue samples homogenization, Bone samples homogenization, Muscle samples homogenization, Skin samples homogenization, Fungi samples homogenization, Fungal Spore samples lysis, Bacterial Spore samples lysis, Spore samples homogenization, Blood samples homogenization, Buffy Coat samples homogenization, Plasma samples homogenization, Saliva samples homogenization, Sputum samples homogenization, Connective Tissue samples lysis, Viral samples homogenization, Pathogen samples homogenization, Parasite samples homogenization, Tumor samples homogenization, Tumor Tissue samples lysis, Biopsy samples homogenization, Root samples homogenization, Feces samples homogenization, Food samples homogenization, Seed samples homogenization, Genomic Dna samples homogenization, Mitochondrial Dna samples lysis, Chromasomal Dna samples lysis, Genomic Dna Isolation, Genomic Dna Extraction, Mitochondrial Dna Isolation, Mitochondrial Dna Extraction, Chromasomal Dna Isolation, Chromasomal Dna Extraction, Dna samples homogenization, Rna samples homogenization, Dna Isolation samples lysis, Dna Extraction samples lysis, Rna Isolation samples lysis, Rna Extraction samples lysis, Protein Isolation samples lysis, Protein Extration samples lysis, Protein samples homogenization, Nucleic Acid samples lysis, Nucleic Acid Extraction, Nucleic Acid Isolation, Nucleic Acids samples lysis, Plasmid samples homogenization, Forensic samples homogenization, C, Elegans samples homogenization, Drosophila samples homogenization, Genomic samples homogenization, Proteomic samples homogenization, Oncology samples homogenization, Environmental samples lysis, Laboratory samples homogenization, Biological samples homogenization, Pathology samples homogenization, Microbiological samples lysis, Microbe samples homogenization, Clay samples homogenization, Dirt samples homogenization, Silt samples homogenization, Organelles samples homogenization, Er samples homogenization, Golgi samples homogenization, Mitochondria samples lysis, Nuclear samples homogenization, Chloroplast samples homogenization, Lysozome samples homogenization, Chromatin samples homogenization, Glycoprotein samples lysis, Membrane samples homogenization, Membrane Bound Protein sample lysis Squamous samples homogenization, Epithelial samples homogenization, Cell samples homogenization, Cultured Cells samples lysis, Cellular samples homogenization, Epidermal samples homogenization, Buccal samples homogenization, Adipose samples homogenization, Teeth samples homogenization.

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MonoLyser™ the World's Fastest Lab and Field Life Science Homogenizer.

Too often in today’s molecular biology labs the sample lysis is a bottleneck which delays test results and requires human interaction and follow up for the entire process. The MonoLyser™ does away with that!

The MonoLyser™ system is a sample lysis, homogenization and grinding system for life sciences applications like no other on the market. It is for an order of magnitude faster in performing complete quantitative sample lysis, usually within 5 seconds or less, of even the most difficult biological and environmental samples. You can process any sample for DNA extraction, RNA extraction, and protein extraction in the field, or in lab with ease. Most samples are completely lysed and ready for downstream processing within the 5 seconds!!! Traditional methods of sample lysis require tedious homogenization using a pestle and mortar, ultrasonication, bench scale bead beating equipment, a shearing homogenizer, or enzymatic or chemical treatments. Those processes run from tens of hours to 40 seconds in processing time and quite often produce a bottleneck in the workflow. It is compatible with any downstream protocol for DNA purification, RNA purification, proteins purification, and metabolites purification and characterization.

The MonoLyser™ represents novel thinking in the area of sample lysis. It is a portable omni-directional bead beating system with a unique, patent pending balanced crankshaft–slider mechanism which creates the most aggressive bead beating lysis based on combination of cascade impaction, shearing, and if the sample is in buffer, shear flow lysis. The combined kinetics of the processes result in an amazing performances of 5 seconds or less lysing time for most samples, something unheard of in the field!

The MonoLyser™ is an attachment that fits on a high speed rotary tool. Attachment to the tool is done via a built-in threaded adapter. Rotary tools are available in DC (battery) powered versions for field use or AC powered versions, which are ideal for continuous use in a laboratory setting. The high end rotary tools come with an on/off switch separate from the speed control, making it easy to run multiple samples at the same speed.

Application: MonoLyser™ Delivers Almost Instantaneous Lysis

The most valuable feature of our system is an almost instantaneous lysis!

The Monolyser’s unique super-fast kinetics of grinding eliminates most of the time spent in the sample preparation bottleneck. If you work in the field, you are not obliged to bring back entire specimens, just the high quality lysate or extracted DNA for analysis.


DNA released from corn kernel after 5, 10, 15, 20, and 30 seconds of grinding by the MonoLyser™. Extraction and purification was performed with a Zymo Research ZR-Plant/Seed DNA MiniPrep kit.

Sample in a 2mL, either conical tube filled with bead beating lysing matrix, is placed in the tube holder by inserting it in, and closing the safety door. By activating the tool at 2/3 of maximum speed setting for 5 seconds, holding it by hand or placing it on a laboratory stand, the complete dry or wet grinding of the even most difficult sample is quantitatively performed. The figure above shows the contents of the tube after dry grinding of a dry corn kernel, one of the most difficult agro/bio samples to process. In order to demonstrate the quality of lysate we performed complete DNA purification followed by analysis with a NanoDrop spectrophotometer and a BioAnalyser system from Agilent Technologies. We used an MP Bio Matrix A tube with two Ľ inch ceramic balls for grinding and a Zymo Research Plant/Seed DNA MiniPrep kit for DNA extraction and purification. After lysis, the sample was centrifuged and the supernatant was processed manually through the kit using a bind-wash-elute column based protocol described in the instructions of the kit. The resulting DNA BioAnalyser image is presented above, together with the DNA quantification data. At 5 seconds, the high quality and quantity of extracted DNA with low shearing is evident. At the longer grinding times, increasing amounts of shearing of DNA as well as decreasing average sizes were observed. This is the shortest time from hard and difficult sample to lysate in the industry. Comparable high end benchtop homogenizers perform the same task for approximately 20 – 40 seconds. The quality and quantity of the extracted DNA in 5 second run is comparable to those obtained by the most current lab bench high throughput homogenizers based upon multi-directional bead beating.

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Simple to Use
MonoLyser™ - Simple to use  Difficult to lyse sample.
MonoLyser™ - Simple to use  Load tube with sample (dry corn kernel) and ceramic ball.
MonoLyser™ - Simple to use  5 s lysis in MonoLyser™.
MonoLyser™ - Simple to use  Results of 5 s lysis of dry corn kernel.
MonoLyser™ - Simple to use  Genomic DNA from corn kernel.
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Fax. +1-208-979-2687
 Instructional Video

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Data Sheet

Name of Product: MonoLyser™
Product Number: MLYS01
Date: February 7, 2013
RotaPrep MonoLyser™ Lab and Field Life Science Homogenizer. Patent Pending.
Disruption Principle Combination of cascade impaction, mechanical shearing, and shear-flow lysis based on multi-directional bead beating.
Kits compatible with instrument All sample preparation protocols and kits, which use 2ml sample lysis tubes for bead beating-based homogenization. Compatible with any downstream protocol for DNA, RNA, proteins, and metabolites purification and characterization.
Power requirements 90-240V for lab version, cordless operation for field version.
Overall Length 1.3"
Overall Width 3.4"
Overall Height 4.6"
Weight 2.2 lbs.
Number of Tubes per Run 1
Size of Tube Standard 2 ml (screw cap), with skirted or non-skirted bottom.
Maximum speed 4,900 CPM ( AC powered )
4,400 CPM ( cordless)
Minimum speed 1,000 CPM (AC powered)
500 CPM (cordless)
Type of Motion Reciprocating
Peak to Peak Amplitude of Motion
Peak Acceleration
up to 500 G.
Sound at 1ft. 100 dB at 4,900 CPM
90 dB at 3,300 CPM
Typical Run Time 2-15 seconds at 3,300 CPM
Features Fastest, (2-15 sec/sample), complete, quantitative sample lysis of most difficult samples.
Maximum recovery of DNA, RNA, proteins and metabolites.
Wet and dry sample grinding.
Closed disposable samples container, prevents cross contamination.
Compatible with all downstream processing and kits, including any of the bind-wash-elute protocols, solid phase extraction, phase separations, HPLC, GC, and mass spec processing.
Hand-held, safe for field use, with built-in battery power supply.

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