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The mission of RotaPrep, Inc. is to break the sample preparation bottleneck in the molecular biology workflow by developing new systems, methods, and kits that will change the way research institutions and companies perform sample lysis, homogenization, and grinding of biological samples. RotaPrep has developed the most efficient, virtually instantaneous, lysing system for even the most difficult samples to process such as spores, gram positive bacteria, seeds, bones, tumor tissues, soil, and feces.

RotaPrep is focused on bringing advanced sample preparation products for life sciences applications, via affordable instrumentation and consumables. Our team consists of some of the leading scientists and engineers in the field of microfluidics, sample preparation, molecular biology, and engineering, with experience in taking cutting edge devices from concept to market. Using a well established design control process and the most advanced prototyping and manufacturing technologies, the RotaPrep team will bring to you affordable sample preparation solutions in the form of systems and kits for all of your sample lysis needs.

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